MithraeOM music studios is the recording space owned and built by KC Solaris for his numerous musical projects as well as collaborative work with other artists on his Unicursal Records Label as well as outside clients looking for a studio experience unlike any other.

MithraeOM offers professional mixing and mastering, as well as recording, production, and any session work needed.  We are flexible (literally) and drink enough coffee to finish any project quickly.  We offer reasonable prices (as lets face it, no ones getting rich except lady gaga), and prefer to deal in terms of projects as opposed to hourly rates which lend to subconscious rushing by the artists and a general trend to elongate projects on the studios part.


we are equiped to record your band live, add a vocal part, mix and master your current project, add the drum and bass part your track needs, create and electronic beat or song structure or just about aspect of your project you could need 24 hours a day. Living in BROOKLYN we also have a vast network of studio musicians on 911 speedial for that extra vocal part, violin harmony, or glockenspiel solo your weird indie project may call for.



While the Studio is continually growing, the current set up includes.




Vocal recording via an assortment of mics including Blue and Shure

Portable live recording via Mackie DL32R

Direct to board 32 channel analog mixing

Electronic production with Mashine and Logic Pro

Kat KT3 electronic drum kit

Alesis dm5

Roland Handsonics and KORG wavedrums

Tabla, Garrahand steel and Hang drum

Roland Gaia and Axiom M-Audio 61 key keyboards

MOOG SUB 37 and ROLI keyboards

Ddrum D2 drum kit

Fender Squire guitars


Various electronic noisemakers


All mixing and mastering performed via Logic Pro and Rokit studio monitors.




expect a slight delay


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